Van's Aircraft Inc. RV-8 * I-LUKE * BUILDING PHOTOS


Horizontal stabilizer

Vertical stabilizer


Right elevator

Left elevator


QB Kit @ home

Left wing - 1

Left wing - 2

Right wing - 1

Right wing - 2

Fuel senders resistive


Fuselage - 1

Fuselage - 2

Fuselage - 3

Tail installation

Fuselage - 4

Electrical system

Wiring technique 1

Wiring technique 2

Breakers and switches side panel

Whelen strobe power pack installation

Firewall ground block

Infinity stick mounting

Dynon remote compass unit

Wiring routing

Back panel wiring and routing

Avionics wiring

Aeroelectric (getting started)
Ps-engineering (dowload the harness building training)

Engine & Firewall

Firewall work - Lycoming engine installation

Filtered Air Box

Engine Baffle

Lycoming Service Instruction 1435 (CS to FP)

Engine on Duty


Finishing kit - engine cowling

Finishing kit - canopy


pdf : Primer Van's Aircraft Inc QB

pdf : Primer Epoxy 37035A Akzo Nobel

pdf : Aerodex WB Akzo Nobel

pdf : Aerodur HF-A-13

pdf : Perfection Undercoat

pdf : Paints process photos


Canopy & windshield fairing, wing & empennage tips

Empennage tips, A/P servo, wing wiring, start painting emp

Paint shop work

Windshield fairing, fuselage to the paint shop, paint shop work

Fuselage preparation + painting work

Fuselage back from paint shop, tail + wiring fuse cone final installation

Infinity relay deck installation, canopy fairing

Canopy prep & paint, trim wiring, panel on, FAB, installation mix, RV-6 flight